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Our company specializes in translations within the sphere of:

  • commercial and industrial law
  • EU law
  • industrial production
  • engineering
  • logistics
  • civil engineering
  • human resources
  • IT, economics, occupational safety and health, marketing
  • manuals for operation of various devices
We do translate business correspondence and mediating official translations.
We do also translate fiction and subtitles of films.


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  • We do corrections of translations from Italian language.


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  • We provide interpretation services for various business meetings and negotiations, conferences, in disposal of legal affairs and in various corporate events.

Language teaching

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Courses of Italian language

  • We provide wide variety of courses of Italian language for groups and individuals at all levels.
  • Courses are made according to the customer's needs
  • Here you can see example of current course:
    • Italian language - conversation
    • Course of business Italian language
    • Applied Italian language
    • Course of language preparation for study in Italy
    • Preparatory course for working in Italy
Quality and effectiveness of courses is guaranteed by qualified lectors with professional skills with the teaching of Italian language and with the state examination degree of Italian language.

PC basics trainings

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  • MS Office, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint
  • Are you a beginner and do you want to learn to work with personal computer?
  • Do you have a new job and do you need to improve your skills in Excel?
  • Are you a graduate and do you want to improve your PC skills before your fisrt job? Do you want to enhance you knowledge?
  • We have a solution for you: our PC trainings made according to your needs.

Economic consulting

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Our company provides services in :

  • Business payroll accounting for small, middle and large companies
  • Annual account of individual income tax
  • Annual account of health insurance


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We will send you a price offer for translations, interpretation and language corrections after filling the contact form